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Recently voted "Best Sauce" at the 4th Annual BBQ Cookoff
held in McKinleyville, CA on July 16 and 17, 2010.

The Sunset Sauce Lovers Support Group

Read and post steamy stories of how you
enjoy Sunset Sauce in a safe and confidential arena.

The Story of L.
L. of Northern California- Walking in to the living room with a bag of take out L. moves swiftly to the kitchen and retrieves a bottle of Sunset Sauce.  He makes his way to a comfortable seat and readies himself. 
His Dad inquires as to what he is doing. 
L. replies "I am going to make sweet love!"
L. then begins his love makin' session with his take out, burritos in fact, smothered in Sunset Sauce.  Dad, astounded at the sight of the now empty bottle comments, "You know that stuff costs $5 a bottle."
With a grin and a look of pure satisfaction,
L. replies, "And its worth every penny!"

The Cruelty of Nature
An earthquake hit and in the moving and shaking R. heard a crash.  Investigating the source he was stricken with grief when he discovered that a bottle of Sunset Sauce lay shattered on the floor.  Knowing the there are ways of getting back some of the things lost in natural disasters, R. took to the task of filing a FEMA claim for his loss.  It has been reported that due to the excessive emotional and psychological trauma, his claim is for $1 million.

R. was introduced to Sunset Sauce by a "friend".  Little did R. know the addiction that he would face.  Nights laying awake, wondering if the sauce would be ok.  If it would still be there in the morning to savor on eggs and hash browns.  Would anyone else take liberties with the sauce without R. knowing until its too late, only to discover that there is not enough left to add that little kick to a bowl of chili for lunch or for the meatloaf that was planned for dinner.  R. couldn't sleep.  He arose from his bed, crept quietly into the kitchen so as to not awaken anyone in the house.  He took the bottle of Sunset Sauce in his hand and knew that it is now or never.  Hiding the bottle in a secret compartment, R. returned to his slumber and slept like a baby knowing that, everything is gonna be alright.

God Bless Senility!
 The family reunion was just around the corner and M. was asked to bring something for the potluck.  When she was asked she immediately knew what she wanted to take.  A lover of Sunset Sauce M. thought that since she was up in her years it might be a good thing to share with her family something she truly loves.  As the day came closer she readied herself, got out a bottle of Sunset Sauce and set it on the counter so she wouldn't forget to take it.  Days turned to hours and hours to minutes and as the clock ticked away M. got more and more anxious.  She now wasn't sure about sharing what she loved so much for she already felt the loss of not having one of her prized possessions.  You see, M. loves Sunset Sauce so much she buys it by the case.  Can she spare just one bottle?  As she got her coat to go to the reunion she looked one last time at the beautiful sunset perched on her countertop.  Being in her 80's she remembered how easily it has been to forget things and how people accept her forgetfulness as just part of life.  M. decided to use this to her advantage.  She picked up the bottle and placed it back into the cabinet along with the 47 other  bottles and with a smile went to see the family empty handed.  M. had a great day knowing that when she returned home, she still had her sauce. 

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From the West Coast to the East
 and all points in between,
KARR'Z Sunset Sauce has gained a following. 
In every taste test conducted,
the overwhelming majority of people agree,
"This is the best sauce I've ever had!" 
Try it for yourself and see if you and your family agree.
Money Back if not completely satisfied!
It's official! People all across the country love the taste of Karr'z Sunset Sauce!

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Fortuna, CA
"I was given a sample in Eureka and our family loves it including our 1 year old. Thank you for making such an amazing sauce!."- M.M.

Eureka, CA
"We received your samples today and had a casual taste test- no surprise- everybody likes your sauces, in fact...yummmm!!!!"- S.F. and Staff

'We don't generally like BBQ sauces, but I have to admit, yours is very good!."- J.Y. and Family

"This sauce is great!."- J.J.

"The best sauce I've ever had!"- M.S.

"I think it is very good!"- E.O.

"This sauce is the best. Nothing else compares!"- S.K.

"Very Good! Can put it on all types of meat."- E.O.

“I LOVE this stuff more than ketchup!” D. D.

“I have this stuff on everything.” L.D.

“This stuff is the best!” W.S.

McKinleyville, CA
"This sauce is out of this world and sooo good!"- D.K.

"This sauce (KARR'Z Sunset Sauce) is the ONLY sauce I want in my refrigerator."- M.

Arcata, CA
"The Best of the Best"- J.F.

"KARR'Z Sunset Sauce is very yummy. Some of the best I've ever had. It has a very good blend of spices and is full of amazing flavor. Outstanding!"- D.E

San Diego, CA
"This is a far better BBQ sauce than any other on the market. It has the perfect combination of spice, tangy flavor and smokey finish that in my opinion sets it apart from anything else on the market."- D.M.

"Great BBQ suace, would use it again and again!"- J.D

Redding, CA
"Delicious- sweet and savory."- B.T.

"I like the flavor of the sauce."- S.F.

"Excellent flavor! Slight bite not too hot."- L.V.

Grants Pass, OR
"Excellent!"- R. and K. D.

Salt Lake City, UT
"Excellent taste, excellent texture."- S.T

"It is a good combination of sweet and hot without being too hot."- K.B.

"Has a very good taste and a light kick to it. I loved it!"- F.K.

Elko, NV
"I enjoyed the bit of spicey along with a true barbque flavor."- R.P.

"The hot sauce was very good."- J.N.

"The sauce is very good."- M.P.

"I like the sweet tangy flavor of the sauce."- J.L.

"It is very good and I recommend it."- D.W.

McGill, NV
"This sauce is wonderful!"- K.C.

Spring Creek, NV
"I thought it was great!"- J.E.

Chicago, IL
"Very good, goes well with chicken, beef, even potato chips. Just sweet enough with a little bite afterwards."- J.S.

"Very Good!"- L.S.

Kansas City, MO
"Sweet and very tasty!" - Annonymous

Maryville, MO
"Nice flavor."- D.D.

"Nice compliment of flavors."- M.N.

Shady Spring, WV
"The best I've ever tasted."- A.P.

Cheyenne, WY
"Very Good!"- G.C.

Lyman, WY
"Very good, I loved it."- R.B.

"Great taste!"- C.B.

Collinsville, VA
"The best sauce I've ever eaten!"- V.C.

Austin, TX
"Everything you've ever wanted from a BBQ sauce!"- R&M

"This BBQ sauce is Amazing!"- K.

New York City, NY
“This is the most AMAZING sauce I have ever tasted! I want more!” Anonymous New York City


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